Design of thin-film nanocatalysts for on-chip fuel cell technology

SolviCore GmbH & Co. KG


SolviCore is a joint venture between Umicore and Solvay for the development, production and sales of PEM Fuel Cell MEAs. It was founded 2006 and Solvay brought in its expertise in membrane development whilst Umicore put in the expertise in the design and manufacturing of MEAs. SolviCore has excellent prerequisites for a successful MEA development as it comprises membrane as well as catalyst know-how. SolviCore is operating a state-of-the-art MEA production plant in Hanau Germany. SolviCore’s well equipped MEA testing center is conducting MEA performance and endurance tests under all latest state testing protocols and conditions for all relevant PEMFC applications.

SolviCore currently employs 50 co-workers. Dr. Christian Eickes leads and executes internal and external research projects on a variety of MEA subjects and is key responsible for the evaluation and down selection of fuel cell electrocatalysts at SolviCore GmbH & Co. KG. The  main tasks in the project will be preparation / integration and optimisation of thin layer catalyst into membrane electrode assemblies (MEA), evaluation of thin layer catalysts performance and durability testing under relevant fuel cell conditions for automotive applications, benchmarking with state-of-the-art MEAs, integrate thin catalyst layers into real fuel cells.

SolviCore has substantial previous experience relevant to related tasks and projects. SolviCore’s experience in MEAs dates back to the work of former Degussa in the early nineties and was continuously further developed in internal projects and public funded projects in Germany and Europe. SolviCore participated in several European Fuel Cell projects as MEA partner: AUTOBRANE (FP6), FCTESQA (FP6), AUTOSTACK (FP7, JTI), STAYERS (FP7, JTI), Autostack (FP7, JTI).