Design of thin-film nanocatalysts for on-chip fuel cell technology

L.E.T. optomechanika Praha s.r.o.


Since 1993 the L.E.T. optomechanika Praha Company has applied itself to evaporation and sputtering thin film manufacture, photolithography, optical components manufacturing and construction of optomechanical instruments. The company has 10 employees and in the year 2011 its sales came up to 390 k€. Actually 10 deposition systems are in use. We have a long-term collaboration in the manufacture of encoder discs with SICK Stegmann, AMI Elektronik (both Germany) and LARM (Czech), in past our important customer was also the XEICON company (Belgium). We manufacture calibration plates, calibration gratings and counting cells McMaster and Cyrus, custom photolithographic thin film patterns (dielectric filters, metal and conductive layers) and other optical components for industrial companies as well as academic institutions such as Deltro Systeemtechniek, ICOS, BARCO, OIP, L.E.T. automotive (all Belgium), Physix Photonics (Netherlands), BTE (Germany), Alpharma s.a.r.l. (France), Balzers (Switzerland), Biopharm research institute, OPTING Servis, IFER Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Meopta optika, Crytur, Czech University of Agriculture, and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague (all Czech).

The project research team core will consist of the PI (Dr. Tomáš Fejt), a thin film coating senior engineer (Ing. R. Roskovsky), and a junior engineer (to be hired).  Their main tasks will be: the PI task coordination and TF sputtering, the other engineers will do thin film deposition by sputtering and evaporation on membranes and patterned Si wafers.